Pink Dress

Watercolour and Pencil on Paper

Original: Unframed …….x…. Price: $35

Hello and welcome to my website.
For so many of us, this year, 2020 has been a strange time of loss and interruption in our lives and well known routines.
Fortunately, I have not been so closely affected as some others and have been able to spend time studying, learning and evolving a long held desire to express my creativity, through painting and drawing.

The lockdown has provided new experiences for me, such as online formal study and casual classes, zoom groups, virtual galleries and video lessons. Being out in nature, looking and observing animals and plants on a whole new level has been restorative. I have learnt so much and had more time to indulge, explore and appreciate it in a different way.

Opening a website is an experience that I would not have foreseen at the beginning of this year. As I progressed with online study and contacts through the year, I have become aware of a need to join with so many others who are experiencing similar things. I’d like others to see and enjoy what I have been doing.

Exhibiting my art has been a long held dream. So has having my work printed, on boards and cards and offering it for sale. I am very happy to reach out through this site and have my work available for others to share.